MY video proposal

For my proposal I wish to explore with the making of an appropriated avant-garde inspired experimental film that combines projection mapping onto a single mannequin and backscreen to highlight the counterculture decades of beauty and fashion deriving from the 1960’s up until today.

When thinking of my video proposal and what it would entail, I was immediately drawn towards experimenting with mediums involved in video art, along with its technology as an audio/visual art medium. In today’s evolving artistic sphere, there are many mediums for artists to express their inner beliefs, whether they may be political or entirely experimental. Such mediums include documentary, avant-garde cinema, experimental film, video projection mapping, screenplay, installation art, along with many many more. Being an artist myself, I am inspired by the aesthetic account of numerous avant-garde artists as I am drawn towards the beauty and innovative approaches behind their art, and it is these artists that have provoked my endeavours in this proposal.

When first establishing an idea for my video I stumbled across the famous name Tony Oursler, who is a multimedia installation artist who combines painting, sculpture, performance, projection mapping and video all together to create an aesthetically engaging installation artwork. I am immediately drawn towards Oursler’s works as his use of animation, painted sets and special effects touches base with my own personal endeavours as an artist, which is creating art that is visually appealing but that also holds with it political meanings and intentions to help promote counterculture thinking across society. In relation to Oursler’s work and counterculture, he focuses on the psychological impact of humanity’s exploration into cyberspace and the uneasy relationship between technology and society. Oursler’s experimentation with projection mapping sparked interest within me as I have never experimented with this form of video and am always looking to broaden my horizons as an artist, establishing a range of artistic abilities that I find visually appealing. (Below are some examples of Oursler’s work). His projection mapping as a technique proves to be highly useful and effective in engaging with audiences and expressing ideas, whilst also being visually engaging. It is this reason as to why I will be experimenting with projection mapping.

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA
Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.34.16 PM.png
b0t / fl0w – ch@rt, Stockholm










When looking at videos of Oursler’s installations on YouTube, I stumbled across other projection mapping installations, such as Kat Von D’s facial projection mapping that was presented in Spain to launch their new beauty line. After watching this I was immediately inspired by the aesthetic and starting thinking of ways in which I could implement this technique into my own, showcasing my artistic abilities along with political beliefs as an artist. For my video I wish to projection map a full mannequins body as I am constantly inspired by the ever-changing fashion and beauty world the counterculture that comes with it. The course of the projection will start from the decade of the 60’s and work it’s way through to today’s world, showcasing the shift and counter thinkings of generations that led to the evolution of fashion. Along with the mannequin, I wish to back project onto a screen that will work hand in hand with the mannequin, helping to further broaden the audiences understanding of the decade I am showcasing and the events of history that led to societies counter-thinking and the beauty and fashion evolution.

Working close with Tony Oursler, John Baldessari is another artist that inspires my avant-garde take on video making, and is best known for his art post 1960’s, as it was then that he strayed away from his previous ‘boring art’ and abounded into the amalgamation of pop art imagery from mass media. Baldessari’s use of appropriated used images and texts reminds me of my own aesthetic as an artist. His use of transforming images to provoke contradiction and paradox, combined with Oursler’s projection mapping led me to the conclusion of experimenting with a mash-up appropriated video, working with my own footage along with found footage and text. The visuals of Baldessari’s art is how I envision my video to look aesthetically. His careful yet playful use of colour strikes as visually confronting, and this is how I envision my video to look aesthetically.

John Baldessari – Cut to the Chase

In relation to visuals and context, contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama inspires me as her colourful art centres around feminism, minimalism, pop art, expressionism and sexual content. As an artist, she inspires me to contextually get across autobiographical beliefs I have in regards to society’s fashion and beauty world. I can see myself when I look at her art as she constantly experiments with playful patterns and colours – both of which I use and love. In regards to fashion, Kusama is heavily involved in the avant-garde world, teaming up with designers such as Marc Jacobs to produce her own line of work. Through my video I will include fashion such as Kusama’s to showcase my love for the avant-garde.

Yayoi Kusama – Infinity Mirrors
Yayoi Kusama – In Infinity – Stockholm







In relation to the context of my video/s, I wish to promote the audience’s thinking to create their own avant-garde take on the artistic world, whilst also showcasing past counterculture’s that have resulted from anti-establishment cultural beliefs. To explain this in context, the 1960’s is a great place to start. Societies response to the Vietnam war led to a new era and cultural phenomenon. People strayed away from what was considered the ‘norm’ and established subculture that showcased numerous experimentations such as the rise of the hippie and ‘flower power’ – promoting a world where values and norms that go beyond societies mainstream expectations are welcomed. For my video, I also wish to experiment with my ongoing admiration for collage based cinemagraph art, which involves a still photograph accompanied with a small movement element, as shown below:

In relation to the production schedule for my video, over the next few weeks I wish to start experimenting with found footage, along with my own and appropriating it with artistic painting techniques, creating a collage mixed video – cinemographs. Meantime I will also need to collect the materials needed for the presentation of my video – 2x projectors, a mannequin and a speaker. I wish to present my video in the theatre as space is a requirement and I also wish to video the performance of my installation. The initial proposal for my video is how I envision my work to look as I believe project mapping is the most effective way to get across the counterculture beliefs I feel so strongly about. However, if there are any mishaps with gathering the materials, I will need to evaluate the presentation of my video, maybe even just showcasing it onto two TV’s. The use of the mannequin and back screen is essential to the aesthetic and production of my video.

Below is an example of a previous avant-garde experimental film of my own:



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