my DINO DROP – JUNGLE JAM soundscape

The word ‘soundscape’ was first discovered by Michael Southworth in 1969, then revisited in more detail by R. Murray Schafer, where he goes on to note that the term is used to recognise sounds that “describe a place, a sonic identity, a sonic memory, but always a sound that is permanent to a place.” In his seminal work titled “Tuning of the World,” he goes on to state that there are three main elements of a soundscape:

Keynote sounds

Sound signals


Bernie Krause, American musician and soundscape ecologist, is known as a founder of the soundscape world, and further defined the structure of soundscape ecology, introducing the terms geophony, biophony and anthropophony. As described by E.O. Wilson, “Bernie Krause and his niche theory are the real thing. His originality, research and above all basic knowledge of the sound environments in nature are impressive.”

My Soundscape

When thinking of constructing my OWN soundscape, I wished to explore themes represented in Krause’s album, Gorilla’s in the Mix, where he combines both natural soundscapes into orchestration, with a focus on ecology. Take a listen of the song below!

Ranging from recordings of humpback whales and gorillas, to the flows of waterfalls and the sounds of an approaching storm… you name it and Krause has recorded it! The sounds that Krause records is what I wished to replicate in my one-minute soundscape. Like Krause, I endeavoured to record ecology sounds and in post-production wished to distort these sounds into an environment where one could put on a pair of headphones and be taken back to the sounds of the Dinosaur age, scientifically known as the Mesozaoic Era. My inspiration to produce such a soundscape is summarised by Wild Sanctuary, where they state that the “increasingly rare sounds of the wild inform and enrich our specialised efforts from the field to public performance.”

So without further adieu, here is my one-minute soundscape I have put together. Enjoy my friends 🙂


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