MY project proposal

(a draft proposal)

In all the stages of history, women have been portrayed with the appearance of sex objects. This is a world that involves constructs of femininity and masculinity, all being constructed by families, politics, the public and the media.

For a second, imagine you’re opening up a magazine. How are the women portrayed? Are they portrayed as young, slim and beautiful? For almost all advertising, the answer is YES.

After the introduction of modern technology and the emergence of new types of media, the image of women has come a long way. Addressing confronting topics in the form of art proves to be truly powerful and people are challenged to question the art and decipher their own understandings and interpretations. By representing the underlying power of women, huge change can be done for the feminist and gender equality movement.

When thinking of my own project, I am immediately drawn toward focusing on the portrayal of women in advertising and film, drawing highlight on THE BEAUTY MYTH – – – That is the result of societies perceived opinions of perfect hair, flawless skin, slim bodies and the perfect smile. Media constantly portrays this idea of the perfect female body. Through my art I wish to address these issues and assist in bringing attention to the breaking down of these walls, promoting a free thinking standard of beauty in society.

I wish do this by creating a series of cinemagraphs/collages (like the ones below), accompanied by a sculpture of a naked female body. Through my art I wish to do an avant-garde mashup of the tv and commercial image of women that have the ideal body of slender thighs and perky breasts. I wish to break up advertised beauty into a collage remix / apppropriation, representing to the audience a variety of conflicting images that make them question their perceived image of women. I will do this by distorting images that we see in magazines, and remixing images to create a new vision of how one may represent the ideal ‘woman.’ The collages are meant to be confronting yet visually appealing, allowing true emphasis on the issue to be understood.

The acceptance of all beauty will be at the forefront of my art. This will be presented by a sculpture of a lady’s body. The naked body will be presented at the front of the project and will be showered with the colours rainbow along with accompanying decorations. Inspiration for this sculpture derives from, once again, the art installation known as pip & pop.


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.06.50 PM.pngThrough the use of colour, I want to represent a world in which everything has the perception of a beautiful aura. No matter who you are as a person and what makes you as a person, I want to highlight and eradicate the fear of not being accepted. By decorating my sculpture with paint and novelty items, I hope to highlight how easy it is to change a persons perception of something, simply by adding a touch of ink or clay. I also want to further represent, through the use of craft, that society can easily be manipulated and led to believe something based on the idea of authority and power. Again with the idea that ONE person can change the world, I hope to question the audiences own perceptions of what they consider as beautiful. By presenting an obscure, psychedelic sculpture that’s visually engaging I want to highlight the effects of mass media and its role in shaping a society where both women and men enjoy equal rights. The use of the colours of the rainbow focuses on the idea of an equalitarian society. As stated by US gay activist Gilbert Baker, “Flags are about proclaiming power.” – Read this link for the history of the rainbow flag.

The media constantly continues to represent women in a way that proves to be sexist and stereotypical by default. In a now driven technological world, we have more power than ever to change these misperceived conceptions. Objectifying the image of women by displaying fragmented representations conveys an incomplete vision of reality. Attention needs to be brought to where it’s deserved. Through my art I hope to inspire the creative feminist thinking of other artists in an attempt to highlight the importance of power and just how gullible society really is, by believing media and its stereotypes of underrepresentation.



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