how to MAKE IT as an ARTIST


Being an artist is a struggle in itself as there are so many other people out there, wanting to make a successful career out of something they love.

Everybody is an artist. This simple statement is due to the fact that all art is made out of creation… A creation of ideas, values, themes and cultures.

All art takes perseverance. Think about it for a second… Imagine you were an author about to send your first ever book off to a publishing company. Chances are, the first book you send away might not get accepted by the publisher. This is similar to being an artist in the way that a gallery might not accept the first piece of work you present. All artistic fields require courage and patience, as it is these two that are the key in reaching full artistic potential.

In today’s day and age, with such technological advancements, it is easy to access a variety of artistic opportunities.

In fact, if you’re an artist… this would be the best time to be alive.


The INTERNET is a great place to start.

The internet is the perfect starting point as an artist, as everyone has the same footing and status. Depending on who you are as a person, the internet allows you to brand yourself as an artist, depending on which root of the world wide web you wish to water. One of the most influential developments that came with the internet was online shopping. Selling your art online is easier than ever, with websites like REDBUBBLE, Pinterest, Tumblr, FaceBook and Twitter.

Social Media platforms seem to nowadays be the way in which artists showcase their art to a wide audience. Instagram, which only launched in only 2010, is a huge opportunity for artists in itself with its huge following. According to the Statistic Portal, as of September 2017, the app itself had 800 million viewers. The use of #hashtags allows artists to spread their work across the service, allowing them to be discovered by many many people and achieve an active following. Take a look at these awesome artists and their profiles!

With the internet being such a big world, it is easy to pick and choose your platform and audience. Creating your own website like multimedia artist Molly Soda is a great way to further expand yourself as an artist. On her website (see below), Molly showcases her art as GIFs, performance videos and web-based art, and is a very well known artist in the technical age.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.28.33 PM.png

If you don’t like to involve yourself with the world wide web, then showcasing your art in cafes, restaurants, markets, festivals, galleries or art events is a great place to start. Exposure is exactly what you need. Showcasing your art is better than it sitting at home in the corner. It’s a great way to get your name and art out their and for the potential to meet contacts and clients.

So there we go my friends. There are many opportunities out there for artists nowadays. All you have to do, is start posting.



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