Whilst editing my experimental film project, I used techniques to help achieve the theme of rhythm. Such techniques included the slowing down of film. By slowing down my film to a rate of 50%, rhythm is found in the length and timing of shots. I accompanied this with all my shots being in black and white. My reason for doing this was because it helped blend all of the shots together. The original shots were obviously not all filmed in black and white. Being in colour I thought that when played all the way through, the shots wouldn’t blend together and therefore would not accompany the theme of rhythm. in my experimental film, I found inspiration in Walter Ruttmann’s Lichtspiel: Opus II (1921). His use of shapes that vary in size and colour profoundly portray rhythm. I wished to replicate this and it was through the process of subtraction and addition that I was able. Such techniques included hole punching and scratching.


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