Being inspired by artworks such as the 1962 Triple Elvis Acrylic silkscreened canvas and Ai Wei Wei’s Bang, both which rely heavily upon repetition and variation, my artwork was also influenced by the depiction of Western culture by the end of the 19th century, where abstraction was an indication of the departure from reality in art. This notion is evident through the partially abstract recurring concrete theme of black and white. The black and white aspect of the artwork acts as a propaganda, as it gives two choices to the viewer – whether to accept what is being portrayed or to go against it. The repetition of elements in each image adds an uncanny presence over the work and blatantly alters the forms of real life entities, thus using visual language to convey meanings that may already reside with the viewers. In each image, the variation in sizes of certain elements gives a design visual and conceptual interest, providing the artwork with something interesting to break repetition. Therefore, my artwork clearly represents both the elements of repetition and variation, as it relies on its poetic visuals to highlight how a viewer’s beliefs are not limited by an artists opinion.



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