My code was inspired by Sol LeWitt’s Five Modular Structure, where he explores the variations possible within the basic structure of a cube. His cubes are built upon one another and from different angles, the structure appears differently.  In my code, I wished to replicate Sol’s artwork and engage the viewer by provoking imaginative responses. In doing so, I replaced his variations of cubes with ellipses, thus influencing his artwork in my own way. My code explores the notion of iteration through the repetition of circles at varying sizes. The sketch is dynamic and by doing this it creates a mesmerizing effect that draws the audience in. The circles build up upon one another until sections become darker. The image is constantly changing and this flux is part of the appeal towards the audience. Coding is a difficult process and I was only able to do very basic structures. However, Sol LeWitt, has basic creations that can be interpreted as quite complex. Complexity and simplicity are up to the perceiver. A simple code such as mine can have complex endings, however with more practice I believe I could create a sketch with more variations and a greater use of iteration.

int Rows = 6; //determine number of rows as whole number
int Columns = 4; //determines number of columsn as whole number
float xoff=0.0;
void setup() {//the next 4 lines creates and sets the canvas
 size(1000, 600);
void draw() {
 for (int i = 0; i < Rows; i ++) {//equation to allow circles to create 6 rows according to the integer
 for (int j = 0; j < Columns; j++) {// "" - Columns
 xoff = xoff + .01; //when ever a circle is created within its parametres, the space between each circle is offset by 0.01
 noFill();// this allows the circles created, to be 100% transparent
 stroke(50, 30); //stroke weight
 ellipseMode(CENTER);//this puts the original circle in the middle of the canvas
 ellipse(width/(Rows+1)*(i+1), height/(Columns+1)*(j+1), 500*noise(xoff), 500*noise(xoff));// offsets each circle and creates the boundaries the circles abide by. noise is a similiar function to random althugh it creats the circles in random succession but much smoother

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 6.40.03 PM.png

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